November 2020

We had a very special Zoom talk from Richard McVetis yesterday.

Before I write any more let me post these links:


Mailing list

Website (where you will find even more images)


We had 30 participants, it was lovely to see so many. Richard talked about his development, his work when studying and his current practice & inspirations, all is deeply rooted in process and hand embroidery.

For other news I’m attaching the latest Newsletter.

October 2020

My thanks to all who “came” via Zoom to the AGM yesterday and then stayed for the meeting. I was delighted to announce that the winner of the 2020 Mary Lovewell Blake award, voted by you, is Carole Jackson.

Other highly admired pieces are these:

I also shared, during the meeting a virtual tour of Sue’s new studio and some of her sketch book work. She was one of last Bursary winners and used the money to do a Karen Stamper concertina sketchbook course.

Birgit was the other winner, she developed skills in felting, spinning and dyeing, enjoying this so much that we have lost her to the weavers, spinners and dyers. Birgit and I had created a slide show of her work which I shared during the meeting.

I’ve written my newsletter, it should arrive in your inboxes shortly, but can be viewed here.

September Zoom

I was joined by 13 of our members for our trial zoom meeting.

Do look at the MLB section for details of the Isolation Challenge embroidery.

The Video I showed is on our Facebook page.

The newsletter is published under the separate heading.



We have heard from the URC that they are unable to open the Hall for users such as ourselves.  Instead of physically meeting….

Join us for Zoom meetings on the following Saturdays (2pm).

Sep 19 – 2 pm

  1. Video showing the completed Isolation Challenge Embroideries
  2. The Mary Lovewell Blake Challenge this year
  3. News & Views

Oct 17- 2pm for our AGM, and 2.40 for social gathering.

  1. Video showing Sue’s fantastic new studio and her bursary challenge.
  2. A slide showing of Birgit’s bursary work.
  3. News & Views

Nov 21 and our

Christmas social on Dec 19.

Don’t know how to join a Zoom meeting?

Here’s our guide:

Look what Gwyneth has been doing…

Can you remember when we had some calico for sale at a meeting?  Gwyneth bought some and this is what she has written and done…

This top was made from tie dyed calico which had previously been the protective cover for an Eco-coffin.  The material had been sold in aid of charity.

I had been experimenting with tie dyeing and liked the result.  There was just enough fabric for the top and I thought the statement Handle With Care would be a good message for my ageing body.  I’m not too sure about the Do Not Stack.

July 2020

Do have a look at the newsletter click here.

I’m afraid that since writing it Summer School has been cancelled.  The Conference Centre at Belsey Bridge doesn’t open until October and the organisers have been unable to rearrange the week end.

What a sad end to the Regional Summer School programme.

I’m still waiting for an update from the URC as to if and when we shall be able to reconvene.  It is months since we met together.  I know many have been busy with all the challenges life has been setting us recently but I hope stitch and art are finding a place in your schedules.

The Isolation Challenge is coming together, Leslie continues to receive contributions.

Do keep them coming in.

Do keep posting on Facebook, it’s so nice to see what members are up to.  And a big thank you to Jackie for posting so much information.

June 2020

I post this after some very hot days, the government has announced a lifting of some lockdown restrictions.  I know, however, that some members need to continue to shield.  I hope you all remain well and are able to continue with work, hobbies and, of course, stitching.

Viv Denscombe was due to come and run this month’s workshop.  Instead, here are a few images of her work and some words I borrowed from her on line presence.  We were due to use our Gelli plates, stencils and stamps with her before stitching.

Her work is inspired by stories, films and surroundings which are embedded in colour, texture and pattern, it explores mixed media incorporating stitch, fabric, paper and ephemera in many forms. Her passion is for books and their covers.

Her Art Journaling moves from paper and canvas to wall hangings.


The committee met on 24th via “Zoom” and so I’m able to report our discussions.

One of the most important matters we considered was the future branch programme.  We had received an e mail from the URC, they currently have no plans to re-open, but to do so, they have to undertake various risk assessments, as will we to enable us to continue to use the premises.  We should hear more in the future.  In view of this we have cancelled our speakers and workshops for the remainder of this year, but hope to be able to rebook Mary McIntosh and Nodeen Salmon in 2021.

Provided we are able to begin gathering again we anticipate using the Saturday bookings for afternoon socials and cancelling the Friday evening meetings.  It would be nice to meet again and share our sketchbooks, stitching and other stories in September, October, November and December.  We would also do AGM business on the October date (17th).  (You will see guidance the CEO has given about Branch AGM’s on the EG website.)

We do need to know if you would come to such social gatherings, please let me know ASAP. 

This October date is important as branch officers need to be re-elected.  I have informed the committee that as circumstances are so unusual I have reluctantly offered to remain in post for another six months if the membership is in agreement.  Heather Taylor needs your agreement to succeed Leslie Southon as Programme Secretary.

You need to be aware that if the branch fails because of lack of volunteers stepping up to run it, failure will not be the fault of the committee members who are working hard on your behalf.  Many members have served in these roles, and had fun doing so, in the past and should not feel obliged to step up again.  If newer members want the branch to continue they must take on some responsibility.

We shall be calling for your branch membership subscriptions in September which have been reduced to £5 for all.  You should all know that you will need to resubscribe to the National Guild separately, details are on the website.

Another matter we discussed was the success of our communications to you.  Jackie Goffin, who works hard to post inspiring and stimulating information for us, reported a good number of views to items on our Facebook page.  If you do visit, please leave a “like”, but it would be even better to “post”.  I can report that initially the number of visitors to my blog increased, but this has not been sustained.  I put a lot of effort into keeping it up to date so please do look at it.

Our treasurer, Mara, expects the branch to break even this year.  In the event that future meetings are not well attended or workshops fully subscribed we will still have sufficient funds to cover any shortfall. The accounts should be presented at the AGM.

I would like members to contact me if they have suggestions, queries or grumbles and they can’t find answers in the newsletters, the guild website or my blog.  The committee will be very pleased to consider any issue raised.

May 2020

We were unable to have the meeting and workshop this week end with Nodeen Salmon.  I’m sharing a few images of her work which, hopefully, we shall see when she rebooks with us for 2021.


I saw some of her work at the Harrogate K&S show last year, she was participating in “Artists in Action”.  I do hope these tempt you to rebook when we begin to gather and meet again.

I packaged up and sent out the Seawhite sketchbooks last month.  It is our (the committee) way of saying to all our members “thank you” for your support and help in 20200510_145625the smooth running of the branch.  Without active, participating members it would be impossible to have the successful and full programme of talks, workshops, exhibitions and events that we have; we hope you’ll share your endeavours when we meet up again.

I hope they have all arrived safely.




Many of us have been sharing our isolation projects in our Facebook group, by email, WhatsApp and other routes.  It’s been very interesting and inspiring to see and hear what has been going on.  I know that loads of face masks and “scrubs” have been made, but there has also been artistic endeavour.  If you find something of interest please, please share it (via Jackie Goffin – if you’re not a Facebooker).  The TextileArtist community stitch challenges have thrown up some fabulous work, there are quite a number of online courses that have been developed to help textile artists keep inspired whilst isolating and a simple internet search reveals lots of them.

isolation-cahllenge-picture-1Leslie tells me that she is receiving the stitched images from the Picture Isolation Challenge we set up in March, she hopes to have all the pieces by September.




Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show

One of our Young Embroiderers

has submitted a piece for the RA Young Artists Summer Show:

Trixie joined YE in September 2019 and writes:

‘I chose trees as a symbol of both the beauty of our planet and the damage we human beings are doing to it. The purpose of the piece is, therefore, two-fold. On the one hand, I want to demonstrate the beauty of nature at the present through the medium of trees. This is seen in the rich blossom of springtime, the lush greenery of summer, the orange and bronze of autumn and, of course, the crisp white snow of winter. On the other hand, the future tree is indicative of the bleak, black future predicted by many experts. And yet there remains hope; this is why I chose the outline of a tree in the future embroidery hoop rather than, for example, leaving the hoop completely blank to demonstrate that there is possibility of change, of a purer, greener future, should we act now. Save the seasons. Save the trees.’

Trixie’s piece submitted for RAYASS 2020

Details from Trixie’s piece submitted for RAYASS 2020