March Meeting

My thanks to all who came to yesterday’s meeting. The “show and tell” showcased so many talents amongst regional members. We may be losing the branch in Norwich, but the groups to the east and south are going forwards and I am sure would welcome those Norwich members not already signed up, to their meetings.

It is with a heavy heart that I have written the newsletter and published it here. Your committee had done a lot of groundwork hoping that we could continue as an indeoendent group, but it became clear following the consultation exercise that this was not possible.

Whilst it is sad that the 76 Textile Group has run out of steam, it is also the start, we hope, of something exciting and new.

Our final meeting will be on April 17th. Our guest speaker is designer and teacher Jill Kipnis (click here for her website) .

Designing for Embroidery
Zoom talk given by by Jill Kipnis
From Inspirational Embroidery

The Guild Crisis

For me the past few days have been more than hectic, so I apologise for not updating the blog posts following the meeting 3 days ago.

Here’s my newsletter. I shall post the letter I am sending from the branch to the Trustees ahead of the General meeting as soon as possible, I have tried to keep you all updated by email. Plus an update on how we plan to take the branch forward. I hope many of you will come with us.

The General Meeting is on 4th March.
The next branch committee meeting is on 5th March after which I hope to give you the update.


Suffolk West Embroiderers Guild would be delighted to welcome Norwich members joining them for their programme. Just join the branch by contacting the chair for details:

January 2021

Happy New Year to you all. We have just had our January Zoom meeting. Ellie Hipkin, a Textile Mixed Media Artist from Brighton shared with us her inspirations and techniques very generously. Details are in my newsletter accessible here:

It was lovely once again to see so many joining the meeting on Zoom. Zoom certainly has its benefits, but I am looking forward to physical meetings as we all make our contribution to herd immunity through vaccination.

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December Zoom

I want to thank all of you who came to our meeting yesterday, it was lovely to see members and to have so many sharing their work.

First we showed the card assembled by Gwyneth from work done by our Young Embroiderers and helpers. I know this is now at the printers and that the plan is to send a copy out to YE members.
I’m glad not to be school age, they have had so much disruption this year. It is delightful that they found time to create these pieces.

Carole’s sketchbook images were wonderful. She writes:
Throughout lockdown I kept a journal recording my daily walk round the village of Elsing. These notes accompanied by photographs provided me with the inspiration for small textile pieces & drawings in my EG. Sketchbook. This is a small selection.

Sue’s Cards for Christmases past.

This is just a selection of the many that she has made for family and very close friends

From Mara we heard about her memories of Christmas when a child, how the family made decorations, as I suspect we all did, and the fun she had following Blue Peter Annuals over the years.
Here’s the Blue Peter Advent Candelabra.

My thanks to all who contributed and shared their work.

I’ve sent out the newsletter already. It was compiled before the Downing Street Press Conference at 4pm yesterday, at that time we were looking forward to a quiet Christmas with our daughters. Sadly it’s not to be, but it’s far more important to keep safe.

See you all next year.

November 2020

We had a very special Zoom talk from Richard McVetis yesterday.

Before I write any more let me post these links:


Mailing list

Website (where you will find even more images)


We had 30 participants, it was lovely to see so many. Richard talked about his development, his work when studying and his current practice & inspirations, all is deeply rooted in process and hand embroidery.

For other news I’m attaching the latest Newsletter.