January 2020

Happy New Year to all of 76 Textile Group.

We kicked off the year with a fascinating talk from Judith Symonds who shared with us her Chinese Textile Collection.  She has been collecting pieces during her travels in China over several years.  All her pieces were handed round for members to examine carefully and at the end we had opportunities to look again and talk further with Judith.

I gather the workshop with Alex Waylett was really good.  Jackie Goffin has posted the piece by Alex on our Fb page… here I’ve c&p’d it.

Any chance of seeing some of the work done by members??

Laminated stitch piece by Alex Waylett

Our next branch event will be in The Forum.  We are participating in Makers’ Festival with our Luggage Tag display, our free stitching area with plenty of luggage tags and threads for members of the public to add to the display. Two bookable workshops and our Gallery exhibition.

Do encourage friends to visit and participate.

Bright colours collage
Bright Colours. Use colour theory and stitches to make greeting cards.
marks and stitches collage
Marks and Stitches. Play with mark making using lemon juice on dyed fabric. Learn some new stitches.


Workshop Booking:  Booking for workshops for members will open from the meeting during which the forms are available.  To reserve your place you will need to see Mara, complete the form and make payment within 7 days.

Booking will open to other branches and groups after two weeks.

Booking Forms: The booking form now looks slightly different because BACS payment is enabled.  This saves your branch money.  You can still pay by cheque, again to be received within 7 days.

Workshop details:  Details of each workshop will appear on the second page of the form, not on the front.  They will also be posted on my blog with pictures.  Requirements will be sent out to confirmed bookings.

Workshop costs:  Most workshops will be £30.  There may be additional charges for materials, this will be detailed in the requirements list.


From the URC:  Please be aware that temporary notices being displayed during an event must not be stuck to the walls with Sellotape or Blu-tack and windows must not be obscured by notices or marked.

Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)                                                                 I collected most of the exhibits for our Gallery space, please could others be delivered to us in the Forum on Friday 7th Feb by 11am.  The same applied to any extra luggage labels.  If you would like your labels returned, they must be named.                                   I’m still calling for members to man our stand.  Can any member offer Thurs 20th 1-4pm?  Other offers will be gratefully accepted.                                                               Expenses claims:  I’ve emailed most members who have offered their services, we may be able to contribute to car parking charges.


Talks & Workshops:

February: Social Meeting:  Saturday 15th – 2-4pm                                                                       The last social meeting was a great success, so we shall have something very similar.  We have chosen “handmade buttons” to have a go at.  Each type will have a leader to help members.

March:  Friday 20th 7.30pm                                                                                                      Talk:  Bursary Talk – Sue Leonard and Birgit Jones                                                            Branch Project – to be presented by committee members

March:  Saturday 21st                                                                                                                                          Workshop: 10.00 – 16.00.  Pauline Wrighton – Layered Stitch using hand stitch or machine.                                                                                                                                          Pictures are here.



Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)                                             Workshops are available via the Festival website (https://norfolkmakersfestival.co.uk/whats-on/), ones that might be of interest include:

  • June Croll – Art of Weaving off Loom
  • Saori weaving introduction
  • Bright Colours –playing with colours and embroidery stitches – Embroiderers’ Guild
  • Marks and Stitches – mark making and embroidery stitches – Embroiderers’ Guild
  • Artpocket – variety of options
  • Caroline Hyde-Brown – variety of sessions
  • Crochet – starting

Textiles East Fair21/22 Feb- Swavesey (https://textileseastfair.wordpress.com/)

13th May 2020: Coach Trip to Greene Knowe Manor House, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire  https://www.greenknowe.co.uk/history.html

This is a visit to Lucy Boston’s house and garden organised by Helen Durrant.

The House has been continuously occupied since 1130 and has beautiful grounds, Lucy M Boston who lived there was a writer and artist and is also famous for her quilts but perhaps she is most famous as the author of Children’s books such as “The Children of Green Knowe”. We will have a tour of the house in the morning and be free to explore the gardens and village after that.

Date -Wednesday 13th May 2020

Pick ups- at Taverham , Norwich and Wymondham


There are four spaces currently available

Please contact Helen Durrant if you are interested.

Christmas Social -21st December

Have a look at our Facebook page for feed back and pictures from the Christmas Social yesterday.

Here’s a few pictures, taken before we started stitching, I was having such a good time that I didn’t take any during the session.  I feel that we should sit and stitch and chat together much more, it was such a lovely occasion.


We had a fantastic number of entries for the Mary Lovewell Blake Bowl award this year, some beautiful Luggage Tags.  We had given our judges a difficult task, but they unanimously decided on a winner, Lesley Woods, who had used techniques learned during the Teabag and Treasure workshop with Julie Bodmer to create her entry.

Congratulations to Lesley.  I wonder if she knows she will be acting as a judge next year!


The winner Lesley (on right) with judges.


Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)

Plans are progressing.

Our gallery:

We shall have a hanging space of 6 square meters (2 high by 3 wide).  I’ve had offers of pieces and insurance details from quite a few members.  If you would like to display a workshop piece please let me know by Friday 10th January so that I can get Guild insurance for your work. The committee will be collecting the exhibits at the Jan meeting (17th).

Please don’t be upset if your piece is not displayed as space is limited.

Luggage Tags:

We’ll have a wonderful eye-catching display which I hope will encourage members of the public to come and stitch with us and even join the guild.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to man the stall.  Many more will be welcome.  The dates we shall be there are on the Maker’s Festival website.(click)

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020.


November 2019 – The AGM

Well done all who managed to get to the Annual General Meeting on Friday evening.  The weather and driving conditions were against so many of us with all sorts of difficulties on the roads.

Precis of the AGM:

Treasurer spoke to her report announcing that Internet enabled banking has been set up and tested.  The branch can only claim Gift Aid on branch subs.  She encourages members to renew National membership centrally and branch membership with us.  Branch membership will run from 1st September each year with the option of joining in March (1st) for 50% for new members joining us.  All branch members are asked to ensure that they maintain National membership

Membership secretary reported significant difficulties with the new system set up by HQ.

Committee members and Branch Officers. Denise Sullivan has succeeded Eileen Walters as branch secretary.   Other posts remain unchanged.

Bursary Winners.  Congratulations to Lesley Woods and Letty Murton.  They will receive £100 each.

The Talk:

We were delighted to welcome Dr Tim Pestell to the meeting.  His talk on the Castle Museum Project and the Norwich Tapestry was very interesting indeed and inspired lots of questions, comments and discussions with him afterwards.  He urged us to visit the Keep whilst renovations are ongoing as it is very interesting.  We can look forwards to December 2021, the 900th anniversary of Henry I’s Christmas visit to Norwich when renovations will be complete and exhibitions in partnership with the British Museum will be opened.


Branch Membership:  Many of you will recall that HQ sent round an email with an invitation to renew National membership electronically.  Your committee has decided that from henceforth we shall encourage you to do this and pay branch membership to us.  Branch membership will run from 1st September each year.  The option of joining in March (1st) for 50% will be open for new members joining us.

All branch members need evidence of current National membership.

Luggage Labels:  The MLB challenge for 2019.  You may submit as many as you like but the flat dimensions (length and width) must fall within the luggage label (a little edge beading is OK), otherwise there are no rules.  Please bring to the Christmas meeting for judging.

Your committee aims to have a display of the labels at “Makers Festival 2020”.

Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)

Promo collage with MF logo

We are calling for your work to display in the Forum.  I’d love to see some pieces from our workshops if possible.

  • 2 dimensional hanging pieces only please.
  • Pictures therefore must have 2 eyes screwed into the back as high on the frame as possible with wire or string for hanging.
  • Committee members will collect your pictures at our January meeting and return them at the March meeting. Please arrange for them to be delivered or collected if you are unable to attend either meeting.
  • We shall set up on Friday 7th Feb and take down on completion of the event.
  • You are welcome to bring your items to the Forum on 7th and collect when we dismantle.
  • I shall need details of your pieces to enable guild insurance. If you plan to submit pieces please e-mail me and I will send you a list of the details required.

We are also calling for volunteers to man our stand and perhaps demonstrate stitching and ask the public to stitch luggage labels too which can be added to the display, and also for volunteers to run or help run workshops for the public.  Details will follow once finalised with the organisers.

Eastern Region Regional Day  click here for POSTER_Regional Day 2020

Saturday 4th July in Colchester.

Lectures by Karen Nicol and Jessica Grady.  Trade area.  If a member would like to organise a coach to convey people to the meeting they are very welcome to, your committee thought transport by car share was more appropriate.  Nearer the time I shall ask members to indicate if they’d like a ticket (£13 for members, £20 otherwise).  The organisers have asked that tickets are issued through the branches.

Members Competition – “The World is your Oyster”. click here for Competition for Regional Day 2020

Refreshment and Setup rota – keep on signing up please.  We have listened to the suggestion that refreshment should be offered on arrival rather than at the end of the meeting when we are rushing to chat to the speaker or see the display, put things out or away etc..  We shall start this in January.

2019/20 Programme Cards – Are available at the sign in desk. click here for Programme Card

URC Matters – New vacuum cleaner – if you need to see user instructions that are pinned on the wall above the cleaner.  Please pay particular notice on how to change from carpet to hard floor.

Portable Appliance Testing – A reminder that certification is a requirement of the URC.  Mara’s husband has contacted Poringland and District Men’s Shed and has received the following reply:

Thanks for contacting the PDMS website.  Our resident PAT tester Peter Webb would be delighted to help the Embroiders Guild members. Whilst we are happy they communicate the “service” on their blog could we ask that it’s restricted to Guild members – we are not wishing to become a PAT resting service for the whole of Norwich! 

Our suggested donation is £2.50 per item. 

Peter Webb (no relation) is not there every day so members must telephone first to make an appointment. Contact details and how to find the shed are on PDMS web site  click here

Talks & Workshops:

December: Saturday 21st     2pm – Christmas Social.

Mince pies and Stollen

Mini workshop with Heather Hasthorpe – make a Jolly Santa – an introduction to a quilting technique. Christmas meeting

You will need to bring with you:  sewing kit, small sharp scissors, red and white thread, sharp pencil and a small ruler.





Judging of MLB award by last year’s winner Mara and one of our newer members Judy Riddington.

January:  Friday 17th

Talk:  7.30pm. – “Chinese Textile Collection” – Judith Symonds

January:  Saturday 18th

Workshop: 10.00 – 16.00.  Alex Waylett – “Laminated Stitch”. The bookings are coming in quickly, Alex is a very popular tutor.  I have now opened this up outside the branch via our Facebook page and to local branches.  So if you want a place contact Mara asap..


“A Quilter’s Journey” exhibition of patchwork and quilting by Linda Mercer20190904_150708

Sat 23 Nov 2019 – Foxearth Hall Barn, CO10 7JH.







2020 Summer School: 4 – 6th September

Ruth Holmes has taken on the organisation of the last regional summer school.  click here for Summer School details  She has organised 3 fantastic tutors, I hope many will choose to attend.

October 2019

What an inspiring talk we had from Fiona Balding this evening.  I popped into the workshop to see what was happening this morning, it was a full room, with lots of vegetation, boilers and steamers and lots of business.  It looked as if everyone was having a wonderful time.

Do share pictures in our Facebook group and bring your pieces to the next meeting.



Here are the  October notices click here

Images and details of newsletter items

A plea from the door:                                                                                                                   Door charge and Raffle:  We would ask you to bring the correct money for door entry and a raffle ticked if they would like one. There were several people proffering £20 notes for their £1 entrance money on Friday, sorry, but we can’t provide that sort of change.

SummerSchool2020 details

The World is your Oyster – Competition for Regional Day 2020



Promo collage

My thanks to members who have been busy making and donating some sample labels to me to enable promotional pictures for the Festival.  Leslie and I have taken a few images which I shall send to the organisers. Here’s a first attempt at a Photoshop collage





September 2019

Welcome back members.  I trust you’ve had  a wonderful summer break and are ready to get back to stitching.

For those who weren’t able to attend summer school this year I’m posting a few images:






DSC06050There’s lots to look forwards to.

A fantastic programme put together by Leslie Southon, three social events in the calendar, several competitions to enter one of which includes the “Luggage Label” challenge (see below).



I’m sorry that I missed the first meeting.. I gather that our Young Embroiderers were entertaining and inspirational, and the workshops lead by Gwyneth and Julie were hugely enjoyable.



YE. Hares
Hares made by our Young Embroiderers in 2018

Leslie writes that  “everyone told me how much they had enjoyed themselves at the workshop. It was a lovely group and we all learnt masses from both tutors. Participants felt that they had come extremely well prepared and that they were very generous with all the materials that you let us share.
The Young Embroiderers were an inspiration and I hope that they gained something from it as well because the members certainly did.”

Shadow embroidery, made into little boxes



Luggage Labels:  The MLB challenge for 2019.  You may submit as many as you like but the flat dimensions (length and width) must fall within the luggage label (a little edge beading is OK), otherwise there are no rules.  Please bring to the Christmas meeting for judging.

Your committee aims to have a display of the labels at “Makers Festival 2020”.

We would like to invite YE to make a few, or a lot….they will be really useful during Makers Festival as examples for children visiting our stand to work on their own label.

Have any members completed any labels? – the organisers of Makers Festival are asking for some pictures that can be used to advertise the event.

Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February) we shall be calling for your work to display in the glass gallery outside the library where TOPstitch displayed last year, for volunteers to man our stand and perhaps demonstrate stitching and ask the public to stitch luggage labels too which can be added to the display, and also for volunteers to run or help run workshops for the public.

Sheringham Seascape – an embroidery project in the style of John Craske. – 14 June to 31 Oct 2019 – this continues… click here to visit website

Picking up the Threads – an exhibition of new and original textile work during Markers Festival 2020.  Details on Makers Festival website, our Fb page and my blog.  https://norfolkmakersfestival.co.uk/

Eastern Region Regional Day – Members Competition – “The World is your Oyster”  Competition for Regional Day 2020

Refreshment and Setup rota – keep on signing up please.

2019/20 Programme Cards – Are available at the sign in desk.

Have you rejoined? Lesley Molyneux is receiving application forms and subs.

Next committee meeting is 2nd Oct after which we should have more information about many of these events.

Talks & Workshops:

October: Friday 18th / Sat 19th

Talk: Fiona Blading – The Magic & Mystery of Eco Printing

Workshop: Fiona Balding – An Introduction to Eco Printing on Paper & Fabric.

November: Friday 15th

7pm – AGM – please do come, papers will be circulated soon.

Followed by Talk:  Prof Tim Pestell – The Norwich Tapestry.



Eastern Region AGM – 2nd Nov at Histon – Viv & Kevin from ArtvanGo will be sharing their memories…

Cheryl writes:

Dear Friends

Our Annual Meeting will be in Histon on 2nd November,  Exhibition space and refreshments will be available from 10am with the meeting commencing at 11. Viv and Kev from Art Van Go have been on an Antipodean Adventure but will be our guests after lunch. Can you please encourage your members to attend so that we can have at least one person from each Branch attending.

Could your Branch please bring any items from National Day of Stitch, a table top display of a Branch project and any item purchased from Art Van Go that was really good or something you have never used but it was a good idea at the time – we’ll have a little retirement quiz with Viv and Kev.


“A Quilter’s Journey” 20190904_150708exhibition of patchwork and quilting by Linda Mercer – Sat 23 Nov 2019 –            Foxearth Hall Barn, CO10 7JH.










2020 Summer School: 4 – 6th September

SummerSchool2020 – info leaflet

Ruth Holmes has taken on the organisation of the last regional summer school.  Details at back of hall and on Guild website, or click on “info leaflet” above.  She has organised 3 fantastic tutors, I hope many will choose to attend.

As always, if you have any information you’d like me to include in the blog, let me know.

best wishes to all



Dilys and Dickens

Thought I’d share with you (with permission) this lovely picture of Dilys with a Dickens panel she has completed.


July – Summer Social Meeting

It was lovely to see so many at our Summer Social meeting today.  The Bring and Buy was a great success, many members off loaded “stuff” from their stashes and others bought.

Lesley Jones’ cakes were delicious.

It was great to see progress being made on the Sheringham Seascape that Lisa brought to the meeting.  She welcomes any one up at the museum but it might be worth contacting her before if you plan to go up to stitch as space around the embroidery is obviously limited.

Bookings are flooding in for the September and October workshops.  Details and booking forms can be found here.  There are spaces, but don’t delay applying too long if you are keen to attend.

The Mary Lovewell Blake challenge is announced – Luggage Labels – details here



July Notices:

Click here to view

Clicks & Pics relating to notices:

2019-20 programme card

Wymondham Flyer

Competition for Regional Day 2020 – The World is Your Oyster




We shall be sending out renewal forms, gift aid forms and GDPR forms along with the new programme very shortly.  Printed cards should be available for you to pick up at the September meeting, but don’t forget to listen out for additions as the months go by, or you will be able to pick up details here or in my newsletters.

I now wish you all a Happy Summer and look forwards to seeing you in September…

best wishes



3.8.19 –

Just received these:

MG-PatternsofInspirationOct2019A4L&L Workshop

June 2019

I was delighted to welcome Jean Wright to our meeting.  The illustrated talk she gave on the history of Gold Work certainly lived up to its name.  Clearly Jean had researched her subject thoroughly and conveyed to all of us at the meeting her enthusiasm for all that is glittery.  She also brought some of her work, gold work with a contemporary twist, lots of ideas and inspiration for us all.


More pictures can be viewed on our facebook page.  Do have a look.

Sue Leonard is taking the workshop tomorrow.  Please bring your pieces to the Summer Social in July for us to admire.

Notices can be downloaded here






Wymondham Flyer

Helen Stevens
Work by Helen Steven’s (copyrighted) who is the Peterborough branch speaker mentioned in “Notices”

Visit Helen’s website here



Regional Competition 2020

“The World is Your Oyster”

Entry details here

News from Waveney Branch


This year Waveney Branch is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We kick off at our June Meeting on Wednesday 19th June at the Quaker hall in Beccles from 10am to noon with a ‘Stitch with cake’ social to which any of your members are invited. There will be an entrance fee for members of the Guild of £1.50 and £3.00 for non Guild visitors.

We will have a celebration cake to have with our tea/coffee. On show will be examples of our members work,our banners, travelling books, celebration work books members have been working on since January and also exhibits from our archives to bring back memories.

Bring your sewing kit and something to stitch and enjoy a friendly get together.

Also during July and August we are having a “ TRAIL OF  THREADS “ through Beccles. Various shops will be displaying a piece of work done by our members, culminating in a display in Beccles Library. Do come and have a look and enjoy what Beccles has to offer. Information and maps will be available in Beccles library.

We look forward to seeing you

Jenny Bosanko

Joint Chairman

May 2019

We had a wonderful talk from Ros Wilson entitled “World Textiles”, she took us on a whirl wind tour of the globe, visiting each area with a fantastic collection of textiles.

Her workshop on Saturday was brilliant, I attach a few pictures if happy spindlers:


Mentioning workshops – can I remind you of Sue Leonard’s workshop in June.  If you’ve not had a chance to sample Goldwork this is your opportunity.  Bookings have been opened to other branches and non members now so if you have friends or family who would like to give Goldwork a go do invite them to join us.  Pictures below…





Last month I went up to Sheringham with Sue and Dilys to learn more about the Sheringham Seascape.  It’s a huge project that Lisa has set up and she’d love to see as many volunteers as possible.  Details in “notices” – link below.

Please access May notices here:  Notices May

In addition I can post 3 other events:


In Stitches Exhibition at Blickling

Fibre Fusion Exhibition at Snape