Royal Academy Young Artists Summer Show

One of our Young Embroiderers

has submitted a piece for the RA Young Artists Summer Show:

Trixie joined YE in September 2019 and writes:

‘I chose trees as a symbol of both the beauty of our planet and the damage we human beings are doing to it. The purpose of the piece is, therefore, two-fold. On the one hand, I want to demonstrate the beauty of nature at the present through the medium of trees. This is seen in the rich blossom of springtime, the lush greenery of summer, the orange and bronze of autumn and, of course, the crisp white snow of winter. On the other hand, the future tree is indicative of the bleak, black future predicted by many experts. And yet there remains hope; this is why I chose the outline of a tree in the future embroidery hoop rather than, for example, leaving the hoop completely blank to demonstrate that there is possibility of change, of a purer, greener future, should we act now. Save the seasons. Save the trees.’

Trixie’s piece submitted for RAYASS 2020

Details from Trixie’s piece submitted for RAYASS 2020

April 16th – National Guild Project launched

A National Guild Project launched by Anthea Godfrey (Artistic Director)  today

Reasons to be Thankful

We are inviting all Guild members to contribute to a series of wall hangings to be offered to hospitals throughout the 10 Regions of the Guild

Create a 4” (10cm) finished square of fabric that conveys your message of thanks

  • Your design must be personal, touching, evocative… perhaps conveying what the NHS means to you.
  • Your design could be celebrating a life, demonstrate the horror we are going through or celebrating the work of all those involved. In fact, any aspect of this extraordinary moment in time.

click here for more details

Isolation Images

I promised a few images of work done by members during “distancing”.

My thanks to all who have participated and shared their work.  Apologies if I have not included yours.

These are all from the Sketchbook Revival 2020.

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Below are from the Textileartist challenges

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“Isolation Sewing Challenge”

From Leslie Southon:

When the Committee thought about setting this challenge none of us could have imagined what difficult times lay ahead for everybody. However I think that many of us are turning to our crafts and hobbies and here is a challenge for anyone who wants to join in.

Mara Webb has taken a fantastic photograph of Norwich Market. We plan to divide this up into 2” squares which will then be distributed to the members who want to take part. I plan to send out individual squares plus a small photo so that the overall picture can be seen. Members are then free to reproduce the square they have been given in any textile medium that they wish – so long as the finished piece is the same size as the square it doesn’t matter how you reproduce your part of the picture.

To take part e-mail me at with your name and address and I will endeavour to send out your part of the ‘challenge’ within the next week.


Isolation cahllenge picture

March 2020

How strange it is not to be meeting.  We had such a busy February that the contrast is so marked.  Firstly allow me to thank all who helped at Maker’s Festival, it would not have been so successful without you.  Leslie and Mara helped me with the 2 paid workshops that we ran, and many of you helped man the stall and contributed your works to our gallery.  I have returned most of the pictures, those that remain are safe in my home.  The labels are stored in the cupboard at the URC.  I hope that for those who wish to have the ones you made back will have an opportunity soon to collect them.  We then face the question as to what to do with the remainder.  If you have any suggestions I’d be pleased to receive them.

Going out with my newsletter this month is an “Isolation Challenge”.  We had hoped to present this at the March meeting.  Leslie Southon is coordinating it.  Details are posted separately.

Many groups have ceased meeting.  TOPstitch has cancelled various activities and the small group I meet with has postponed.  We are however sharing things on line.


Mara posted this image on our Facebook page.

“My penultimate piece for my Advanced Stitched Textiles Course: A framed stitched piece. All made out of recycled metals and fabric.”





Here’s an image from Sue Leonard.

A view of her working space with some  Karen Stamper Concertina Sketchbook work and her preparations for Sketchbook Revival 2020.



Mary Rolph and I met just before distancing and isolating.  Neither of us had attended the Laminating workshop but we thought we’d have a go.  I’ve used mine as a cover for my home made sketch book in readiness for Sketchbook Revival and Mary has posted a picture of a small lamp.


You will all be aware that the Regional day in July has been cancelled.  I have yet to hear about the National AGM in Birmingham next month, but it would be wrong if it were not cancelled.  I was planning to attend to discover the general mood amongst branches nationally and to discuss a few things with the “powers that be”.

Notices are posted now under the separate heading and I’ve attempted to update “Events”.

Do keep in touch.  Let me know what you are up to and send pictures.

Newsletter March



STOP PRESS – 15.03.2020

Talks, Workshops and Outings have been suspended whilst the Corona Virus is a threat.

Makers Festival 2020

The Forum, Norwich

We set up this morning (Friday 7th February) our 2 areas.  The Luggage Label display in the Atrium, and our exhibition of workshop work in the Gallery.

So many labels from members, non-members and Young Embroiderers.

Do visit the Forum.  Not only is there our work, but so much more to see.  The main exhibition in the Gallery “Picking up the Threads” is very thought provoking and inspiring, there’s a huge variety to see.  The other stands in the atrium were being set up whilst we were there, everything looked so fascinating and interesting.

Exhibition all lit up and ready to view.

January 2020

Happy New Year to all of 76 Textile Group.

We kicked off the year with a fascinating talk from Judith Symonds who shared with us her Chinese Textile Collection.  She has been collecting pieces during her travels in China over several years.  All her pieces were handed round for members to examine carefully and at the end we had opportunities to look again and talk further with Judith.

I gather the workshop with Alex Waylett was really good.  Jackie Goffin has posted the piece by Alex on our Fb page… here I’ve c&p’d it.

Any chance of seeing some of the work done by members??

Laminated stitch piece by Alex Waylett

Our next branch event will be in The Forum.  We are participating in Makers’ Festival with our Luggage Tag display, our free stitching area with plenty of luggage tags and threads for members of the public to add to the display. Two bookable workshops and our Gallery exhibition.

Do encourage friends to visit and participate.

Bright colours collage
Bright Colours. Use colour theory and stitches to make greeting cards.
marks and stitches collage
Marks and Stitches. Play with mark making using lemon juice on dyed fabric. Learn some new stitches.


Workshop Booking:  Booking for workshops for members will open from the meeting during which the forms are available.  To reserve your place you will need to see Mara, complete the form and make payment within 7 days.

Booking will open to other branches and groups after two weeks.

Booking Forms: The booking form now looks slightly different because BACS payment is enabled.  This saves your branch money.  You can still pay by cheque, again to be received within 7 days.

Workshop details:  Details of each workshop will appear on the second page of the form, not on the front.  They will also be posted on my blog with pictures.  Requirements will be sent out to confirmed bookings.

Workshop costs:  Most workshops will be £30.  There may be additional charges for materials, this will be detailed in the requirements list.


From the URC:  Please be aware that temporary notices being displayed during an event must not be stuck to the walls with Sellotape or Blu-tack and windows must not be obscured by notices or marked.

Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)                                                                 I collected most of the exhibits for our Gallery space, please could others be delivered to us in the Forum on Friday 7th Feb by 11am.  The same applied to any extra luggage labels.  If you would like your labels returned, they must be named.                                   I’m still calling for members to man our stand.  Can any member offer Thurs 20th 1-4pm?  Other offers will be gratefully accepted.                                                               Expenses claims:  I’ve emailed most members who have offered their services, we may be able to contribute to car parking charges.


Talks & Workshops:

February: Social Meeting:  Saturday 15th – 2-4pm                                                                       The last social meeting was a great success, so we shall have something very similar.  We have chosen “handmade buttons” to have a go at.  Each type will have a leader to help members.

March:  Friday 20th 7.30pm                                                                                                      Talk:  Bursary Talk – Sue Leonard and Birgit Jones                                                            Branch Project – to be presented by committee members

March:  Saturday 21st                                                                                                                                          Workshop: 10.00 – 16.00.  Pauline Wrighton – Layered Stitch using hand stitch or machine.                                                                                                                                          Pictures are here.



Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)                                             Workshops are available via the Festival website (, ones that might be of interest include:

  • June Croll – Art of Weaving off Loom
  • Saori weaving introduction
  • Bright Colours –playing with colours and embroidery stitches – Embroiderers’ Guild
  • Marks and Stitches – mark making and embroidery stitches – Embroiderers’ Guild
  • Artpocket – variety of options
  • Caroline Hyde-Brown – variety of sessions
  • Crochet – starting

Textiles East Fair21/22 Feb- Swavesey (

13th May 2020: Coach Trip to Greene Knowe Manor House, Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire

This is a visit to Lucy Boston’s house and garden organised by Helen Durrant.

The House has been continuously occupied since 1130 and has beautiful grounds, Lucy M Boston who lived there was a writer and artist and is also famous for her quilts but perhaps she is most famous as the author of Children’s books such as “The Children of Green Knowe”. We will have a tour of the house in the morning and be free to explore the gardens and village after that.

Date -Wednesday 13th May 2020

Pick ups- at Taverham , Norwich and Wymondham


There are four spaces currently available

Please contact Helen Durrant if you are interested.

Christmas Social -21st December

Have a look at our Facebook page for feed back and pictures from the Christmas Social yesterday.

Here’s a few pictures, taken before we started stitching, I was having such a good time that I didn’t take any during the session.  I feel that we should sit and stitch and chat together much more, it was such a lovely occasion.


We had a fantastic number of entries for the Mary Lovewell Blake Bowl award this year, some beautiful Luggage Tags.  We had given our judges a difficult task, but they unanimously decided on a winner, Lesley Woods, who had used techniques learned during the Teabag and Treasure workshop with Julie Bodmer to create her entry.

Congratulations to Lesley.  I wonder if she knows she will be acting as a judge next year!


The winner Lesley (on right) with judges.


Makers Festival 2020 in the Forum (8 – 23 February)

Plans are progressing.

Our gallery:

We shall have a hanging space of 6 square meters (2 high by 3 wide).  I’ve had offers of pieces and insurance details from quite a few members.  If you would like to display a workshop piece please let me know by Friday 10th January so that I can get Guild insurance for your work. The committee will be collecting the exhibits at the Jan meeting (17th).

Please don’t be upset if your piece is not displayed as space is limited.

Luggage Tags:

We’ll have a wonderful eye-catching display which I hope will encourage members of the public to come and stitch with us and even join the guild.

Thank you to all who have volunteered to man the stall.  Many more will be welcome.  The dates we shall be there are on the Maker’s Festival website.(click)

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020.